Mar 13, 2014

selected illustrators Bologna Bookfair 2014

From Monday 24th to Thursday 27th March 2014 there's
the Bologna Children's Book Fair. I would love to go there some time.

Every year they select a whole bunch illustrators to show their work in a special exhibition
On their website you can find an overview of the selected illustrators
From each illustrator they show one illustration, so you can have an impression.

illustration manon Gauthier

I was very happy to see one of my favourites amongst them: Manon Gauthier
I love her work and she's also very kind :-)

But it's also nice to discover new illustrators.
Aboves illustration is made by: Verena Hochleitner

And I also like this drawing of Trine Logstrup Sorensen.

This is only a quick selection I made, if you are interested to see more, visit this overview


roberto M. said...

I like Manon!!! You do not like Isol, from my country?

nelleke said...

@Roberto, yes I like her, but I didn't see her in the selection, or did I miss something?

roberto M. said...

Ah. but as I know, she will be in Bologna giving a worshop, look here, please:
:) have a nice weekend Nelleke!