Mar 3, 2013

time for a break

I almost can't believe it! After such a long and cold winter.
But they truly promise it on the news: spring and sun.
If that happens, it's time for a break :-)

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fados do lar said...

great job :)

Carole Reid said...

Love the head proportions and the bird visiting on the table.

Unknown said...

ik keek net op de termometer: 0 graden .... maar toch ben ik optimistisch over de komst van de lente, onherroepelijk komt ze!

ja de vogel, een welkome gast in jou illustraties

nelleke said...

It happened!

It's now monday evening and I have red cheeks from the sun :-)))

Rod MacGregor said...

Haha...this is marvellous!