Mar 14, 2013

IF: yesterday

illustration for illustration friday: yesterday


roberto M. said...

Hey, I like this!
If the area that I see on the left is "yesterday" and the area to the right is "today", apparently, yesterday has more "weight" than today
but, do not mind me, is just an idea :)

hedwig said...

I can hear her humming THE song!

Claire Wildish said...

Oh I like this toooo! She has a spring in her step and she's ready for a new day!!

Hannes said...

mooie verbeelding van verstreken tijd.
met de vlakken waar het meisje doorhuppelt,
een prachtig werk (!!!!!!!!)

Carole Reid said...

whistling along with determination.....the layout and colours are very retro.....which I love.