Mar 9, 2013

fly me to the moon...

fly me to the moon and let me play among the stars

This week I join a drawing challenge.
It's a challenge where a host picks a theme and people post a work
inspired by it on their blog. This week the host is Patrice A.
With a very inspiring subject: the moon

I immediately had this song of Frank Sinatra in my head.
My work is inspired by the first sentence:

'fly me to the moon and let me play among the stars...'

Wouldn't that be just wonderful?
Find the links to the other moon creations here


Unknown said...

hihi, heel erg leuk, echt om vrolijk van te worden! vind het touwtje om haar hand zo leuk;-)

renilde said...

hello Nelleke, nice to meet you, you picked a lovely song line, and boy there are so many,
totally joyfull image, i like there orange noses, showing they are both having great fun, x

Patrice A. said...

hi Nelleke,
and thank you for joining
this challenge
you are right
it would be lovely
to be that girl
flying to the moon
and playing with the stars

I like your way of drawing
so full of joy, humour
and funny details

thank you!!
Patrice A.

Anja Brunt said...

Wat lief Nelleke!

Ana M.F. said...

it's beautiful, I love how music comes out of her hair :)

tanïa said...

Awwww, this makes me smile. So full of happiness and joy!
So nice to meet you, immediately fell in love with your artwork, so I'll put it into my blogroll at once!
Happy weekend!

Kim Henkel Creations said...

I too love this all of your work, (also love the song) I have been silently visiting your site for sometime, and always enjoy my visit.

Carole Reid said...

Hi Nelleke, such fun! I can hear Frank's voice.
Have a fabulous week! xo Carole

Unknown said...

het meisje deed dit eerder. fijne dromerige plaat (ook die van Sinatra)

Unknown said...

Hello Nelleke nice to meet you - yes and I agree it would be wonderful to fly and play among the stars, that was also my idea!

Cally said...

Hi Nelleke! Such a fun, colourful illustration and so much energy!

Ariane Reichardt said...

Hello Nelleke,
nice to meet you!
Yes, full of joy and happniess and boldness are your drawings... this one but for example your 'o happy spring', too! Love her 'swinging' hair...


Kristen Donegan said...

Hi Nelleke- what a wonderful blog you have - so nice to visit :)
I am now humming this tune too !
Your illustrations are charming and so full of personality!

Unknown said...

So nice to meet you, Nelleke. I like you charming art, so full of humor. I, too, was thinking moon-songs with this challenge. -sus

mano said...

hi nelleke, I'll like to fly to the moon with your redhairgirl!
beautiful illustration!
:)) mano

Stefanie Seltner said...

oh this is great, and yeah the song... so many songs with the moon and this one a special one... I love your illustration, so just playful, really beautiful!

nadine paduart said...

lovely t meet you!
special song that, always nice to be reminded of it.
that girl is right under way...! ;)))

Carole Reid said...

Hi again Nelleke. I'm hosting this week's Drawing Challenge: Willow and hope you will join in the fun again. Just sign up at my blog.

Rachel said...

I love the whimsy and the COLORS!

So cheery this day...


Claire Wildish said...

This is gorgeous! I love her singing hair and her free spirit!!