Mar 28, 2013

inspiration: Cobra Museum

Today I went to the Cobra Museum in Amstelveen.
I like to watch these paintings. I enjoy the freedom and the playfulness of them.
I find it fascinating when I think of the era when they were made, It was all totally new!
Below a few or the many paintings I've seen:


a special exhibition with new work of Armando (dutch painter, now 83 years old)

Karel Appel

Constant Nieuwenhuys


Asger Jorn


Midori said...

A lovely selection! I like to visit it, too! : )

Carole Reid said...

Lucky you!
I hope I"m still painting at 83!

Unknown said...

die van Asger Jorn intrigeert van dit rijtje mij het meest.
prachtige werken,