Mar 24, 2013

go for a swim

two ladies swimming in the sea

Here's another illustration for my new project.

It fits also well in this weeks theme of illustration friday.


Unknown said...

ze hebben het duidelijk naar de zin.
kan ook in het twens-project want ze zijn als 2 druppel: kijk die benen maar eens,
(is van moeders kant).

roberto M. said...

I do not know why but seeing this picture reminded me of H. Matisse.
  You are great as him, Nelleke!
I wish for you a beautiful Sunday and a great week

nadine paduart said...

nell, 've been nosing around in your shop. ... i like your sense of humour!

jennifer said...

I love these women and the colors are lovely!!

hedwig said...

They look really happy with their big big legs and small small heads and big big smiles!

Cindy D. said...

Always such wonderful composition! I want to know what these two talk about when they get together over tea! Those smiles seem to have a few secrets. :)

Claire Wildish said...

Your women are REAL woman, gorgeous!!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful work.