Mar 17, 2013

White Weeping Willow

colored birds on weeping willow illustration

"the old White Willow was Weeping,
even the most Whymsical birds couldn''t cheer him up...

This weeks theme of the drawing challenge is willow:
I wanted to play with emotions and contrast: sadness and happiness

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Patrice A. said...

ach.... een treurwilg
met hele blije vogeltjes!

wat een fijn werk weer
en ja,
ik kom uit Rotterdam
geboren en getogen
we hebben tussen Kralingen en
Capelle aan de IJssel gewoond
uitkijkend op een oude weg
met knotwilgen ;^))

fijne zondag!
Patrice A.

Petra Eller said...

Yes, that is really what willows are - sadness and happiness
the sad face - but yes, the lively, colorful birds are in the majority. I love this.
You've made ​​it wonderfully .. even the colors speak of this.
really great.
Greetings from Bavaria

Zyzanna said...

ah, love this! his sadface is so cute...

renilde said...

wonderful Nelleke, you see that sad face but you think he is going to smile any minute now in such frisky company, i like the warm tones against the grey

Trail Pixie Trespas said...

I am enjoying the imagined conversations the birds are having with your willow... love!

tanïa said...

Oh my...this is my favourite willow, let me tell you! Happy birds in a sad tree...I'm sure he'll be smiling again soon!

Unknown said...

heel mooi, deze, een van de weinige wilgen die een beetje kleur heeft in deze challenge! mooie combi; treuren en geluk, wisselen elkaar vaak lekker af;-) en de voetjes, hihi!

Carole Reid said...

Nelleke, poor old While Willow must be very sad when those cute cheerful birds couln't cheer him up. They make me happy. Happy week to you. xo Carole

Kim Henkel Creations said...

I LOVE your quote and your illustration is so very very perfect. Even though the old white willow is still weeping... the image has made me smile. LOVE IT!

Elizabeth Rose Stanton said...

The willow looks so very sad...but this illustration makes me happy :)

nadine paduart said...

oooooh, i find your colourful birds to be of the comforting kind... they blend in so well, all whilest standing out... chic!

Cindi said...

Both whimsical and sad--I very much like this willow and his "guests"! Cindi

Unknown said...

(hi hi) de boom wil wat, jeuk? pijn? of lonkt hij naar een buurboom?
hij lijkt te tobben ondanks de afleiding van het kwetterende, bonte vogelgezelschap.

mano said...

oh, poor old white willow - I think the birds have to sing a very funny song!
beautiful drawing - love it!
:)) mano