Dec 2, 2012

Art Diary / Kunstagenda 2013

Since I opened my shop, I have to learn many new things
for example: product photography
How to make attractive photos of the products.

These are new photos of the Art Diary / Kunstagenda 2013

I often hear: "your products look nicer in real than online".
Of course this is a nice compliment and it is better this way
than the other way around, but I wanna improve these skills too!

If you wanna see the difference, between the photos I took before
and these new ones, have a look here
I know they are still far from perfect, but it's improving :-)

As said the Art Diary looks better in real. There are
only a few copies left in the Red Cheeks Factory shop
So, if you wanna see it yourself, it might be a nice christmas gift... ;-)


Unknown said...

het artikel aantrekkelijk gerangschikt en gefotografeerd!
favoriet die met het kopje koffie

Johanna Urban said...

Love it!

Have linked you on my blog ;)))

Johanna Sweden