Nov 29, 2012

christmas angel cards

I'm happy to announce there are some
special angel christmas cards available
in the Red Cheeks Factory shop

Angel Billy
He tries hard to bring luck to everyone,
but I have to confess, he's still learning ;-)

Angel Milly (Billy's sister)
She is very good in fullfilling wishes...
Maybe if you send her to a friend, it works... :-)


Unknown said...

hihi, ik vind milly echt super leuk!

roberto M. said...

Hi Nelleke! I wanted to buy two cards but I do not understand the method, I have account paypal is OK? I must first sign in Red Cheeks F?
i'm sorry!! :(((((

Well, do you know why my name is Albert? because the avatar is Albert, a character from the French artist Yves Chaland.
(I also like to rename myself, imagine that my name I have since I was born, is not boring that? ;)

nelleke said...

@Alfre M, Albert or Roberto, thanks for your interest and enthusiasm :-)

Yes, sign up to Red Cheeks Factory shop and sure you can pay with paypal. If you have further questions, you can send me an e-mail. OK? Have a nice day!

helicopter6 said...

They're very lovely :^)

Melissa Mackie said...

Love the quirky christmas cards. Well done.....

Unknown said...

geestig zijn ze, de optimistische Billy en voortvarende Milly. beide stevig gebrild en vast van plan zich van hun taak te kwijten.