Nov 14, 2012

Delicious Dudes Quartets halfway

We are halfway the Delcious Dudes Quartets project:
a group of illustrators are making a quartet game together
Each illustrator has a different theme and makes
four quartets cards during the month November.
It's already a fun collection of dudes and we are only halfway... :-)

I'm honoured to be part of this great project.
So many nice and enthusiastic illustrators are involved.
I like to intoduce them here on my blog:

Ina Hattenbauer
Yina Kim
Becka Moor
Marloes de Vries
Katriona Chapman
Ellen Vesters
Minke Advokaat
Nancy Kers
Tineke Meirink
Miriam Bos
and me, Nelleke Verhoeff :-)


Unknown said...

Amazing project and wonderful talented people! I wish I could be part of something like this in the future. Still have so much to learn!

Unknown said...

Ik vind dit echt een super leuk project! mooie verzameling al!