Nov 3, 2012

Delicious Dudes Quartets - Hairy Harry

I was kindly invited by Ellen Vesters, a Dutch Illustrator,
to join in a fun game: 'Delcious Dudes Quartets'.

Each illustrator has a different theme and makes
four Quartets cards in the month November.

All the illustrators will post one card a week each friday
on twitter (follow hashtags #DD and #Quartets)
By the end of the month each set is complete.

I chose the theme: 'Marvelous Machos'
Here's my first Macho: 'Hairy Harry'


roberto M. said...

OK i got no problem to say that this is a Beautiful Macho!!!!! :))))
Congratulations Nelleke!!!!!!

Sandra van Doorn said...

love this !

Unknown said...

haha, wat een leuk idee! en Harry is echt grappig, super leuk. en leuke link ook.

Melanie Wickham said...

ha ha, can't wait to see his friends!

Rod MacGregor said...

Haha...good one...he's a hairy guy!

LuTi said...

I suggest him to use famous aij watering can!!!


Jessixa Bagley said...

I LOVE this illustration! It is hilarious and so clever. Beautifully handled as well! Your work is always so fun and lovely.