Oct 17, 2012

Red Cheeks Factory on Exto

Exto is an art website in Holland.
A large collection of mainly Dutch Artists are gathered on this site.
I've made a portfolio website there.

You are welcome to have a look at Red Cheeks Factory on Exto.
It's in Dutch, but when you click on the english flag
you'll get an english version.


Unknown said...

Ziet er weer super uit! Ik vind het zo goed dat je jouw stijl overal herkent, maakt niet uit op welke site je kijkt. leuk!

roberto M. said...

Hi N. I went to your portfolio and has been a pleasure every 5 seconds (about the time it takes to change the image to a new illustration)
What a pleasure!
I could not watch until the end because I got into visual ecstasy :)))))