Oct 10, 2014

umbrella mix

It's voting time again! I can use your help and would be very happy with it! (again ;-))
Here's my entree for these weeks spoonflower contest. Theme: umbrella.
You can vote for it by clicking this link and scroll to find my umbrella mix.

I've tried to make a cheerfull design in contrast with those grey rainy days...
Ofcourse I also made an illustration to show the pattern on a dress:

Here you can see the umbrella mix on a cushion:

Because I liked the umbrella theme very much I made some more patterns on this theme.
'Cats and umbrellas' is one of them:

Here you can see the cats and their yellow umbrellas and boots on a cushion:

And another one: it's raining umbrellas. This was the last one I made.
Also a cheerful design:

The 'it's raining umbrellas' pattern on a cushion:

Because you can only add one design per week to the spoonflower competition, I had to choose. I didn't find that easy, but I chose for the umbrella mix (see the first image of this post). I'm curious: which one do you like the most?


Unknown said...

mooie ontwerpen je hoort echt bij de betere: ik stemde!

Anja Brunt said...

Erg leuk Nelleke!