Oct 15, 2014

Affirmation Angela

Let me introduce you to: Affirmation Angela, supporter of positive thinking. 

Positive thinking

I'm not always good in positive thinking. I know it helps to do so, but sometimes negative thoughts take the overhand. Some time ago I've read the book positivity from Barbara Fredrickson. Inspiring!

It really helps to transform negative thoughts into positive ones. Or to get inspired by a nice and stimulating sentence as: 'make it happen!' It makes me happy ;-)

New product

Because I know I'm certainly not the only one busy with this subject, I thought it would be nice, to develop a product to support people on their journey. And what could be more supportive than  a kind of 'guardian' angel. So I developed this little angel Affirmation Angela. 

You can cut her out, fold her following the instructions. Put her on your desk, on your kitchen table, in your bookshelf or wherever you want. She can hold an affirmation card on her lap. To inspire you or to remind you to be positive.

Affirmation cards

The package includes 8 cards, 12 different affirmations.
(4 on the backside, also 4 blanc cards to fill in your own positive texts)

If you like some positive support or you know someone who can use it,
Affirmation Angela is available here


Hannes said...

je nieuwste product ziet er prachtig verzorgd uit, zin er 1 kado te doen!

Hannes said...

een leuk en prachtig verzorgd product uit de Red Cheeks winkel.
ik maakte er reeds iemand blij mee!

Isabelle said...

Oh My these are so damn adorable!!! What a superb idea!!!! I specially love the one that reads: 'I love me' such powerful messages!!! I am a huge fan of yours, you know that already, and this is one of the cutest things I have seen so far!!! :D