Oct 9, 2014

galerie XS

Some of my works are part of a special exhibition in galerie XS. It is the smallest galerie of Delft (close to Rotterdam in the Netherlands). It 's the first exhibition of this tiny gallery with the theme: illustrations.

The organisator of this event is Margo Weijer a creative and enthusiastic artist. She invited me to join this exhibition. She selected some very nice artists, like Karolien van der Stappen and Eveline Ester Thijs. It's an honour to be amongst them.

Coming Saterday the 11th of October there will be the opening at 15.00 hour.

I think it will be quite a happening and I'm looking forward to it :-)

If you are in the neighbourhood, you are very welcome!
You can find Galerie XS in the Voorstraat 16 in Delft.

1 comment:

Hannes said...

fijn dat je weer tentoongesteld hangt!