May 8, 2013

moustache twins

moustache twins now available as postcard

Because twins and moustaches inspire me,
I've made these moustache twins

Now available as postcard in the Red Cheeks Factory shop


roberto M. said...

Thanks a lot for your comment, Nelleke, i did not allow comments, because was not my intention that my friends say to me "oh you are a great guy roberto" or things like that,do you understand? I only want to say to my friends, like you, that all of you deserves a tribute :))
Thanks again!!!!! :)))

Unknown said...
toch eens wat promotie sturen naar de snorrenclubs in den lande?
vrolijke, optimistische kaart!

Unknown said...

ja de snorrenfiguranten met vogels!
goeie keuze voor een kaart.
eens ff naar de winkel