Jan 5, 2013

Red Cheeks Factory copyright

Maybe you have noticed it:
I put a Red Cheeks Factory copyright sign over my drawings.
I never wanted it, because I don't like it, but...

Lately I see my work more often shared on the web,
without even mentioning my name or company...
Therefore I decided to mark them.

I'm always a bit shocked and surprised when I see people displaying
my work without any reference. I really don't understand...

Maybe a lot of people honestly do not know,
it is appropriate to respect the artist and make a link to their work.

Of course I like it when people enjoy and share my work.
but it would be honest to get the credits for it.

So that's why I decided to put a clear Red Cheeks Factory mark over my work.
I felt the need to share this with you. Thanks for your attention :-)

(special thanks to Diana Toledano for sharing the link to LINKwithlove)
The more we talk about how to make the internet a safer place to share -
the better it will become. Then we'll keep it joyful, because that's what it is :-))


roberto M. said...

Hi. Nelleke, I think you do it right, but I once had a nasty argument with someone who was angry because I told him to put the watermark on the side of the illustration, to not interfere with the vision of people who are seeing it. this person was angry with me, and so did others :(
A few days ago I saw a picture of you in Pinterest, it did not say who had made it, and I left a comment saying your name.
OK, have a good weekend, Nelleke!

roberto M. said...

when I said "I told him" I should actually said "I told her"

Jess said...

That's something I really need to do with mine too. I keep putting it off. I think the watermark you've used looks good and doesn't detract from the artwork. :)
Jess xx

nelleke said...

thanks, Roberto, that's kind of you to mention my name. Unfortunately that's why the mark is needed...

I try to put it on a place where it doesn't bother tooooo much. It really is a pity that it is necessary.

roberto M. said...

Where you put the watermark is Ok, Nelleke, I'm not one to tell you where to put your watermark :) really, believe me.
But there are people who put the mark right in the middle of the picture, which is a pity because, people who want to admire the work, we can not.
Thank you for writing your comment and nice weekend, again!!! :)

Diana Toledano said...

I completely understand your decision. I had the same thoughts a while back and now I don't post anything online without a little watermark.
I do not like it, but I like even less seeing how people use my images without giving any credit.

Do you know the project Link With Love? Check it out: http://linkwithlove.typepad.com

Carole Reid said...

Yup, good decision.

Anonymous said...

A good decision and the mark does not bother at all.
Nowadays it is necessary to make it clear who done the work or who is the artist behind it. So many artists have their artwork steal on the web. it is a pity.

I wish you a successful and creative year.
Hélène - french artist

nelleke said...

Thank you for your comments. It's good to read your support.

And thanks for the LinkwithLove link, Diana, I've put a button on my blog on the right side. The more people know about this, the better :-)

Unknown said...

hoi nelleke, goed besluit, het stoort niet waar je het hebt gezet...ik ben er ook over aan het nadenken en misschien volg ik jou besluit op... ik snap dat ook niet dat mensen dat doen zonder je naam te vermelden... fijn weekend!

Sandra van Doorn said...

i have seen yoru picture many times too. i think it’s good that you protect your work. xo