Jan 8, 2013

happy birthday Carll Cneut!

Today it's the birthday of one of my most favorite illustrators Carll Cneut
I've made a blogpost about him before
and it was still in my planning to make another one.
So what could be a better day for this, then on his birthday :-)

On the photo you can see four of the many books he illustrated
These are in Dutch and from my collection,
but his work is published in many countries.

He also has a facebookpage
Wouldn't it be a nice birthday present if you go there and click the like button?
(if you like it ofcourse, but I almost can't imagine someone not liking his work
yes, here's a real fan speaking :-))
Happy birthday, Carll!


jane said...

Love your work and his !

roberto M. said...

Thanks Nelleke, you always show us excellent artist. it's a pleasure!!!