Jan 24, 2013

about Nelleke

I made a little story about Nelleke in the Red Cheeks Factory shop.
This selfportrait in the series selfportraits illustrate the page.

If you wanna know a tiny little bit more about me, click here


roberto M. said...

Hi, Nelleke, certainly in your self portrait you look a little shy
OK, it's your personality :)))
I love what you say in Little Story. I also love to make people smile, in fact, I do humor cartoons for kids, that's my job,
although personally I do not think being a fun person, at a social gathering, I am of those who are left behind a large potted plant, ha ha :D
very beautiful illustration!

Unknown said...

super leuk en de shop ziet er gewoon practig uit!

create everyday said...

LOVE this portrait

Unknown said...

ja een treffend portret, goeie tekening