Jan 15, 2013

my favorite hat :-)

It's winter in Holland. It's freezing and the world is white.
I am really happy with my hat, it's my friend nowadays :-)

I started with a self portrait series on the 1th of January.
Just for fun, to practice my drawing skills and maybe see some progress.
I try to make a portrait each day.

It's different from my face a day project
Because I don't publish them, only once in a while.
That feels relaxed, no pressure, only for fun :-)


Anja Brunt said...

O, wat leuk met al die blauwe vlekjes.

Unknown said...

dat is een goed idee, gewoon voor jezelf, eigenlijk zou ik dat ook moeten doen maar ik leg daarmee al teveel druk op mezelf, haha! ik vind hem trouwens erg leuk, met die stipjes.
(dankjewel voor je lieve woorden op mijn blog)

Carole Reid said...

Only for fun is always fun! Good for you. I hope you keep warm. xo

roberto M. said...

Good idea!
I started to draw a little drawing on January 1. but I think I'm a few days late.!!
I'm an inconstant!!!! :(

Katarzyna Zalewska said...

I like your hat :)
Good luck with the self portrait. It's a nice idea for new project.

Unknown said...

mooie winterplaat