Jan 11, 2013

Illustration tips

Look what the postman brought:.
This illustrated calender/diary with work from 52 various illustrators!

These photo's I borrowed from Ofra Amit, the upper left illustration is hers.
The goat illustration is from Laura Luenenbuerger. The horses are from
Pia Eisentraeger, unfortunately I can't find a good link to her work.

Tip 2: Watch this inspiring blog Felicidário
365 practical definitions of happiness illustrated.
Each day an illustration, they started the 1st of January.

Have a nice weekend :-)


Unknown said...

hij ziet er inderdaad mooi uit en leuke linkjes! tip 2 is erg leuk: de illustratie van 6 januari laat me een heel klein beetje aan jouw werk denken, misschien door de kleuren ofzo? mmm...

Unknown said...

always inspiring! thanks 4 the tips!!!!