Jan 29, 2013

bye bye Beatrix!

Yesterday, Monday 28 Januari, our Queen Beatrix announced abdication
and will hand over reign to her son Prince Willem-Alexander on 30 April.

Half the country's inhabitants (about 7 miljon people) saw her abdication speech.
She was a popular Queen and inspiring to illustrate, because of her hairdress and hats.
Here's a drawing I published last September

Over two days she will be 75 years old. I have made a special birthday illustration,
which I will post on her birthday, the 31th :-)


roberto M. said...

Hi, Nelleke, and you know that the wife (Maxima) of the Prince is born in my country, Argentina. (I do not know if she is loved by the Dutch people).
Excellent your picture, just yesterday I saw the Queen's face on the news. :)))))))

Unknown said...

hi hi
ze is leuk nelleke, typerend.
leve de koningin