Dec 11, 2014

Swanwalk kersteditie

This weekend I will join the Swanwalk christmas edition. It's a shopping event around het Zwaanshals, one of the nicest streets of Rotterdam and in my neighbourhood!

Together with 'Beleef je verbeelding', Paula de Loor and Diny Hofman, we have our own pop-up shop. Today we gonna set up this shop. I'm gonna paint on the window :-)

...and so I did....

The result of a part of the window. Funny, because you have to make the text the other way around. I worked first with a beamer, projected the text on my wall and painted the reversed text on paper.

....and here are the shopping swans. The rest of the etalage we do tomorrow.

Will be continued....

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Unknown said...

de winkelende zwanen prachtig!