Nov 2, 2014

Cowbear Party - week 2 - Make Art That Sells

This was the second week in part B of the Make Art That Sells course. It was all about the baby apparel market.Theme: Cowboys and Cowgirls, yeeha!

We were asked to develop a pattern with this theme appropriate for the baby apparel market. It's a totally new market for me, but I love to make patterns and I love to draw for kids. So it was a fun week for me!

I first did some research on the theme and gathered a lot of cowboy and their attributes and environments pictures. I had fun drawing them. It's such a good way to come into the mood of the assignment:

Ofcourse I also drew some cowboy faces with cowboy hats:

And lots of horses, here are a few:

I decided not to take cowgirls or cowboys for the assignment, but cowbears instead.
The whole week I had the Susanna song in my head, only the first sentence:

when I came from Alabama,
with a banjo on my knee...

That's what inspired me to make this Banjo Bear:

We were also asked to make lots of icons and variations in your presentation. I think this was the most challenging part for me. Also to make some patterns, called coordinates that fit with the main pattern. So it can be used in combination with each other to make clothes for kids.

Beneath you see the final result. If you wanna see it in a bigger size, click here

Next week we gonna look at the scrapbooking market. Also new to me.
I wonder what that will bring :-) Will be continued...


Anonymous said...

hai Nelleke, wat mooi werk! Teken je op papier of alleen maar op de computer, en welke programma's gebruik je. Ik heb de kunstacademie gedaan en ben nu zelf aan het bijleren in fotoshop enzo maar ik vind mezelf er nog te onhandig in.
Klinkt als een erg leuke en nuttige cursus die je doet!
Groet Danielle Spoelman

nelleke said...

Hi Danielle, dankjewel :-) Het is een mix. De schetsen heb ik op papier getekend en ingescand. De cowbears heb ik in Photoshop gemaakt.

Vooral veel doen, dan komt die techniek vanzelf. En de cursus is inderdaad heel inspirerend, leuk en nuttig! Succes!

Hannes said...

Ik zie de bedrukte rompertjes voor me: leuk werk leverde je weer in!