Oct 26, 2014

Make Art That Sells - Happy Holidays

Remember I joined the Make Art That Sells course with Lilla Rogers last spring? I'm now taking part B. Another five weeks cover five different markets: paper goods, baby apparel, scrapbooking, editorial and party paper

I just had my first week: paper goods. Here's the result.of the first assignment: a winter holidays postcard featuring penguins:

First we got the mini assignment to loosen up, trying different techniques and get to know the subject. So I was diving into the world of the penguins. I love these animals, their clumsiness is funny. I never saw a baby penguin before, they are  so cute. I would love to see them in real.

Baby penguins where not the only ones I drew. I also made these red cheeks variations:

Below more experiments, now I added some more color:

I also discovered this new technique. I drew lines with a sharpie, scanned them in, reversed the black lines into white ones and added the colors with some monoprint brushes I created. I like the effect, I think I'm gonna try this technique more often:

After all these penguin drawings we had to create a winter holiday postcard. The assignment was open. Only thing given was the subject and the size. It needed to be a portrait format. Funny I had several ideas which would fit better in a landscape format...

My challenge was to add a lot of 'icons'. To make a kind of winter holidays collection and still try to keep it organized. Would you buy a card like this?

Next week we gonna take a look at the baby apparel market. I'm already curious!
Will be continued!


manon gauthier said...

Beautiful work dear Nelleke! I am your fan ;)

Anonymous said...

Yes Nelleke I would buy your penguin card. I just love it ! Your penguins are so cute and funny as usual. Your course must be so interesting !Denise (from Make monotypes)

Sheila said...

Cool idea about reversing the lines! Great designs!

Hannes said...

het zijn feestelijke winterkaarten, ik zou ze zeker omstreeks de kerst/ oud en nieuw kunnen versturen.

*toch eens naar de pinguïns in blijdorp gaan deze winter.