Oct 18, 2014

Exhibition Mark Rothko

Today I went with my brother to the exhibition of Mark Rothko.(1903-1970)
in Gemeentemuseum The Hague. It was a nice experience!

We went early because we had heard the exhibition attracted a lot of visitors. But Saturday morning at 10 o'clock you have the chance to see his paintings without lots of people walking in front of them.

Here's a visitor in black watching one of Rothko's black paintings:

The exhibition gives a good overview from his earlier work, the development to the abstraction and the inmense colored squares, which became more and more dark at the end of his life.

Here's one of his brighter paintings, which I love:

It was a bit difficult to make photographs, because the museum rooms were not so light. That's how Rothko wanted to show his work. On eye level on the walls in a dimmed light, so the visitor has the chance to absorb his work more.

And as always, with such a huge exhibition, they make up some commercial items. I'm always curious where they come up with. Besides postcards, they also sold Rothko bon bons :-) I wonder what Mark Rothko would have thought of that...

You have the chance to vist this inspiring exhibition till the first of March.
So if you are in the neigbourhood, grab your chance!


Hannes said...

een heerlijke en mooie dag was het!

Patrice A. said...

daar wil ik ook graag heen
ziet er fijn uit
een vraag
eens deed je mee met de DC
deze week ben ik de host
doe je weer mee?

nelleke said...

Ik heb het een beetje te druk nu, Patrice, maar heel erg bedankt voor de uitnodiging!