Sep 6, 2014

World Wide Artist Blog Hop

I was asked by Kelly Angelovic and Janna Krupinski to join the World Wide Artist Blog Hop. I'm flattered they both chose me as one of the artists who inspire them :-)

In this Blog Hop Post I will share some of Kelly's and Janna's gorgeous works, answer some questions about my own creative process, and I will introduce you to some artists friends who inspire me: Claudi Kessels and Sophie Dufresne.

Kelly Angelovic
Kelly Angelovic is a Colorado based illustrator which I know from Lilla Rogers Bootcamp. Her work is quirky, playful and I love her combinations of shapes, linework and nice color palettes.

 'Let's Play' is a Journal Cover Design for last years Global Talent Search, where she ended up as one of the 50 semi-finalists.

Below a Wall Art piece she created inspired by her favorite beverage.
It's one of a series of three and you can purchase them here

Kelly has written a Blog Hop Post last week, where she also features my work.
You can find her on Facebook and on Pinterest

Tabula Rosi
is the Alter Ego of Janna Krupinski, She lives in Germany, where she creates  beautiful, colorful and happy Art. I also met Janna online during Bootcamp (such an inspiring community:-))

I love all those nice little details and engaging textures in her work. Her handlettering is beautiful too. Look at this funny character she created with the little bird on his toes :-)

With 'a jar full of joy' she won the Hallmark competition. So well deserved!

You can find Tabula Rosi also on Facebook, on Pinterest and on Spoonflower
Janna will write her Blog Hop Post next week.
You can find it on her Tabula Rosi blog

Some questions about my work and creative process
Kelly and Janna passed me some questions:

1. What am I working on?
2. How does my work differ from other work in its genre?
3. Why do I create what I do?
4. How does my creative process work?

1.  What am I working on?
Since I took part in Lilla Rogers Make Art That Sells course, I made my first pattern, which I loved.

During this summer I joined the 'Make It In Design Summerschool' which ended yesterday. So I made lots of patterns, I've added a whole new category to my portfolio: surface pattern design.

I recently joined the Global Talent Search, which was quite a journey.
I'm working on some new products for my Red Cheeks Factory shop and my Etsy shop,
which I'm gonna tell more about later. I'm also busy with updating my portfolio

Here are some examples of my work in progress of an Animal Alphabet, I'm working on at the moment:

2. How does my work differ from other work in its genre?
Not an easy question. I hear often: "your work is so you".  But what is that 'so you'? I love to create characters. Draw often people, faces and animals. If I can I also give faces to inanimated objects. They almost all have red cheeks, 

People often smile and become happy when they see my work, they say it's whymsical, quirky and characteristic. I use a lot of handpainted textures. Maybe a combination of all these things make my 'Red Cheeks Factory' style...

3. Why do I create what I do?
Because I looooooove it! It gives me red cheeks. I love the creative process. To invent new things and to surprse myself. I like to tell little stories with my work.

4. How does my creative process work?
It depends on what the assignment is and how much time I have. But mostly I get inspired by seeing lots of images. I gather material  (Google and Pinterest are great sources), Make sketches on paper or directly on my drawing tablet. When the idea is clear I choose a color palette I work on it in Photoshop till I'm satisfied.

Enough about me, now I like to introduce to you the work of two artists, who inspire me:

Claudi Kessels
An illustrator based  in Amsterdam is  Claudi Kessels  I met  her online this spring during the Make Art That Sells course and I immediatly fell in love with her work. It is unique, inventive, clever, beautiful and poëtic. Not only her work speaks to me, I met Claudi in Amsterdam and she is also a very kind person in real life, with her long curly hair and beautiful positive, supportive attitude.

Below her interpretation of the vintage kitchen / tropical fruit bolt fabric assignment. It was immediately one of my favorites:

She also made a lot of nautical drawings. Here's one of them, so inventive! Claudi also uses real materials as shells and feathers in her work, see more here

Below: an editorial piece about meditation. So poëtical! I love those little details as the birds on the girls  swimsuit which go over into the birds in the sky. Very nice and inspiring how she creates her own imaginative world, as it were a dream.

'Sea you' is a little drawing Claudi sends with her e-mails. I love it!
Yes Claudi, I will certainly 'Sea you' :-)

You can find Claudi also on Facebook and on Pinterest

Sophie Dufresne
The second artist I want to introduce to you is: Sophie Dufresne. She is originally from Montreal, but now based in Los Angeles. I also met Sophie this spring. We were in the same class with Claudi.

I love to see Sophies work. It's nice, appealing, clean, bright and clear, I love her shapes and subtile use of textures. During the MATS class, I was always looking forward to Sophies blogposts, where she described her creative process in a very detailed way. An inspiration to follow.

Below: In the land of no coffee, a nice illustration for Bootcamp about beverages, read more here

I also love her animal fables. She makes up a little poem and illustrate it. Such a nice idea! Very poëtical too:

Below another playful animal illustration:

Her nautical band, which she made for Bootcamp, you can almost hear them play...
You can purchase this one on several products here

You can find Sophie also on Facebook and on Pinterest

This was my longest blogpost ever. I hope you've enjoyed reading it. It was fun to write it.
I'm happy with all these inspirations and like to share it with you.

Next week you can read a Blog Hop Post on the blogs of Sophie, Janna and Claudi.
I'm already looking forward to it!
Happy weekend!

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Tabula Rosi said...

Hi Nelleke, I really enjoyed reading your post! Thank you so much for sharing my work! Hope I'll be able to do an equally great post next week. :-)