Apr 5, 2014

bolt fabric design - bon appetit!

So here I am again: After a week of diving into the bolt fabric market.
I finished my first assignment for the e-course Make Art That Sells

We had to make a bolt fabric design with the icons we created earlier this week.
Or create new ones around the theme: tropical fruits and vintage kitchen.
Here it is: my first bolt fabric design ever.
What do you think?

bolt fabric design - vintage kitchen - assignment 1 - make art that sells with lilla rogers

When you design motifs for fabric, it's good to see it as a whole pattern
It makes a lot of difference if you see your design just one time or repeated
on an apron for example: Then you can see how your design 'works'.

bolt fabric - vintage kitchen - apron - make art that sells with lil

Together with the bolt fabric design we were asked to design some coordinates.
These are fabrics designs that go well with the main design, but much more simple.
You can use them together to make a nice quilt for example, or use them in other projects.

bolt fabric - coordinates - assignment 1 - make art that sells with lil

I've made these two. For me this is a whole new world.
All kind of new terms and ideas. I must say, I like it!
It's quite challenging and there's still a lot to discover and to learn :-)
I wonder what will next week bring! I'm curious.
Will be continued...


be-zeichnend said...

great :-D I am not into cooking, but with such an apron, I might reconsider!

manon gauthier said...

you are so talented dear Nelleke!

Unknown said...

prachtig Nelleke zo een keukenschort,
zou een leuk cadeau zijn voor iemand die graag kookt!

de kop is eraf, ben benieuwd naar het vervolg.

Unknown said...

It's lovely!

tanjawilmot said...

I can see you're having fun - those chefs are so happy! love the co-ordinating fabrics you designed. very love. keep going!!