Sep 5, 2014

Summerschool - Make It In Design - part 3

My designs for part three of the summerschool

Beginners brief theme jewels.

Jewels was not an easy theme for me, because I'm not a jewels type at all. I googled the theme and saw lots of earring ornaments. It inspred me to the pattern beneath.

I like it as a pattern, but for me it didn't fit the theme enough, so I did continue and made this pattern below, inspired by necklaces and a kind of flower jewels. (More flowers than jewels...) 

Still not yet satisfied So I did continue my jewels pattern journey. The next day I suddenly got this idea to draw ladies with necklaces and earrings. So I combined my favorite subject: faces with the jewels theme. Briljant idea, because now I became happy while making this jewels pattern :-) I also made up a title during the process, which I like very much: 'girls with pearls'

The theme for the intermediate brief was feathers. In part two I made already a feather pattern, so I added some birds to the theme. They also have feathers...

And I came up with my 'birds and feathers' pattern and made this illustration:

The advanced theme was also far from easy. Intricate chaos! Never made something like that. I played with shapes and made first this pattern with squares and circles.

It also had to be nice as a wallpaper. Well, would you put this on your wall? Me not!

So I continued, but the deadline was coming closer and I didn't had much time for such a complcated pattern. So I thought to skip it. But I also had the wish to complete the whole series of  nine assignments of this summerschool. So I did another attempt:

And I like this one more. Not that I want to put it on my wall, but I like the shapes and structures. With such a pattern I find it diificult to know when to stop. There are soooo many possibilities, I could have go on for a while. but there was the deadline, so I've submitted my last pattern too. I'm happy :-)

And now we came to the end of this inspiring summerschool I wasn't expecting anything. It was a free course, but it was great! It challenged me to dive into for me brand new themes  it broadened my horizon and I've made a lot of patterns. Good practice! Thanks to the Summerschool I even made a whole new category on my website: surface pattern design I'm really grateful for this opprtunity. Thank youuuuuuuu!

If you wanna see the whole gallery of patterns made by the others, click here.


johbont x said...

het laatste thema mooi retro, doet ook denken aan het paisly motief -maar dan anders: kortom een zeer geslaagd motief!

fijn dat de cursus weer zo naar je zin wasssss

Sheila said...

Love you designs Nelleke!