Aug 20, 2014

Summerschool - Make It In Design - part 2

My designs for part two of the summerschool
Beginners brief theme tribal shapes

I googled and found lots of interesting shapes. A lot of them were in black and white. The ones I liked the most to play with, were feathers. First I made some various black feathers. (You can nearly see it on this small size, but I also added some triangles to them for more 'tribal' effect).

Then I began to play with them. I build a pattern in photoshop and make several try-out patterns in between to see if and how they work. Till I find the right balance. Then I added some color to the feathers to make it more lifely.

I also tried another pattern based on triangles,To try some more in this tribal theme, which is new to me. I like it, but when I saw the two patterns together, I decided (after a lot of positive feedback form my classmates) to go for the 'dancing feathers'

Theme of the intermediate brief: animal ptint. It is not my favorite theme. Yes I do like animals, but I'm not a big fan of panter, zebra and tiger prints. But after googling a bit I saw  ladybugs.  I thought this could make a nice pattern.  Fisrt I drew some ladybug shapes with a marker, scanned them and adjusted them in photoshop into a pattern.

For this brief we were asked to make a mock up on a bag.
I made this ladybug... eh...bag ;-)

Theme of the advanced track: tribal collage. Tribal shapes mixed with animal prints brought together as a patchwork pattern. I never done that before and it was quite a challenge to get a nice balance in it. To know when to stop, because I don't want it to be too full. It should be a pattern for kids.  I chose for little elephants and bright colors.

We also were asked to mock it up. On boxes this time. Because I couln't find the proper mock up photograph in time, I made my own chair with two cushions this time. and a bucket, all with the same pattern, but in various sizes.

It is very nice this summerschool challenges me to try out different things and make lots of patterns for my portfolio. I really like to make them and i'm always surprised by the outcome.

These and all the other patterns will be shown in the galleries. Published on the 22th of August. Still one part to go, will be continued...

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