Sep 22, 2014


Marketing specialists MamaMarketing gonna change their name after 4 years. They have asked people to tweet their favorite quotes and share them on twitter etc. with the hashtag WordEenWebVedette. My most favorite quote at the moment is:

illustratie: Nelleke Verhoeff - Red Cheeks Factory #WordEenWebVedette

I follow them for a while now. They have an inspiring blog (in Dutch) Full with all kind of tips. But I always felt a bit strange about the name, because I am no Mama (Mom). So it was as if it was not for me. But to be honest I can certainly use tips about marketing. It's not my strongest point. So now they gonna change their name into WebVedettes. I like the new name :-)

When I saw their request to share your favorite quote(s) I began to draw:

illustratie: Nelleke Verhoeff - Red Cheeks Factory #WordEenWebVedette

It is a competition, so you can win a prize: A two hours marketing session about your webshop. Well who knows, I followed the advice of my quotes. Hope it works ;-)

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Unknown said...

mooi frisse en vrolijke presentatie van de slogans ... ben benieuwd!!