Sep 25, 2014

Mad Tea Party Pattern

This week I join the Spoonflower competition again. Subject is tables and chairs.
I wouldn't think of such a theme, but it inspired me to make this 'mad tea party' pattern.
I like it to give them characters, as if they have their own party :-))

mad tea party pattern - Red Cheeks Factory

If you like it, you can vote for it here,  Last time I joined I reached the top 10 with your help. It would be great to reach that goal again! Thank you very much in advance.

Since last week you can order some fabrics and wrapping papers designed by me in
my Spoonflower shop. You are welcome!


Anja Brunt said...

Superleuk zijn ze!

Unknown said...

en natuurlijk stemde ik reeds voor jou!

Wenni Donna said...

Happy to know about the tea party. My mother has given me a responsibility to arrange a kitty party at one of budgeted Venues in San Francisco next month. Have searched many of them online and hoping to book the best one soon.

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