Jul 1, 2014

winner of the giveaway


...who is the winner of the Red Cheeks Factory party postcardset ...?

No, it's no joke ;-) It's number 20 on the comment list, Joke Feddema.
The lucky number, blind picked by my friend. Congratulations, Joke!

Thank you all very much for joining the party. For your support and kind words.
Ofcourse you are always welcome in the Red Cheeks Factory shop, where you can find partycards, but also lots of other Red Cheeks Factory products.

(Joke, can you send me your adress, then I can send you the cards)
Have a nice day everyone :-)

1 comment:

joke said...

WOW!!!! Wat super leuk!! Daar ben ik echt heel erg blij mee!!!
Mijn adres is Isla Margaritastraat 8
1339 MP Almere