Jul 9, 2014

Red Cheeks Factory patterns

This week I'm busy with patterns. Since the Make Art That Sells course, I'm interested in making them.and this week I opened an account on Spoonflower, a huge community where you can sell and buy all kind of fabrics, giftwraps, wallpapers etc.

Aboves design: 'jelly party' I've made some time ago,. It was the March-assignment for Bootcamp. Since I started in May, I wanted to do the assignment, because it was such a fun theme.

Below a dancing rhinos pattern. On Spoonflower they have a weekly contest and the theme was rhinoseroses. I never drew one, but I liked that too. You can vote on your favorite designs, maybe my dancing rhinos? If you want to vote, you are invited, click and scroll . Thanks in advance ;-)

And below a 'nerdie' design. I made this some time ago. I like to present the designs on a person and this fabric would be great for a pyama, don't you think?

Thiese days I worked very hard, because I heard there was free shipping on Spoonflower. Before you can sell your designs there, you need to order some samples, to see if the quality and the colors are right. So I've put a collection of 12 designs in my shop. Within two weeks I will receive the samples and then it's ready to purchase. I will let you know.

If you are interested you can find these patterns in my Spoonflower shop.
I'm very curious what you think of it.

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Unknown said...

oh wat een productiviteit. Het plezier straalt van je werk af