Jan 19, 2014

inspiration: exhibition 'wie ben ik'

Today I went with my brother to the exhibition 'wie ben ik' (who am I)
of photographer Anneke Hilhorst in the Photomuseum Rotterdam.
It was really inspiring, I am very enthusiastic about it!

It's a special project which Anneke calls 'duets'. She selected about fifty children.
Asked them first to make a drawing of themselves, and then she made
a photograph of the child inspired by their drawing.

This is such a good idea! If you should see only the photographs
or only the drawings it wouldn't be that strong, but the combination
makes it magical!

All the duets are good, but some were more than good :-)
I had a big smile on my mouth while walking around.
I almost didn't want to leave. The longer you watch, the more you see...

There's also a book about this project.
The author Joke van Leeuwen made the text inspired by the images.

You can still see the exhibition till the 23th of March
If you are in the neighbourhood, you really should go...

The quality of these photos I posted isn't that good, because it was difficult
to photograph with the camera I took with me.
But I wanted to give you an impression from what I've seen.


johbont said...

prachtige expositie (en gezellig met jou)

Anonymous said...

So interesting. Love it!

Struinkunst by Lisette said...

Ziet er inderdaad leuk uit! Vooral het meisje met het zwarte jurkje vind ik sterk...

LEHTI said...

Het meisje op de eerste combinatie zat al een tijdje naar mij te staren tussen de blogmeldingen... en ik vind het verbluffend hoe de 'sfeer', haar uitstraling, zeker bij dat meisje, is gevangen. In ieder van ons schuilt een kunstenaar, dat blijkt uit de uitvoering van het idee van Anneke Hilhorst. Zoiets. Erg mooi. Helaas woon ik niet in de omgeving van Rotterdam, maar in Groningen.