Oct 14, 2013

opening exhibitions in Amsterdam and Schiedam

Yesterday was the day of the two openings:
One in Pand Paulus in Schiedam and one in Galerie Oker in Amsterdam.

I chose to go to the last one and my partner went to the one in Schiedam,
so I also heard about that opening :-)

I will share some photos from both of them, starting with Galierie Oker:
(photos in Oker made by my sister and brother :-))

When we (my brother and I) came in the Galerie,
there were already a lot of people and it became a fun party :-)

Marleen, the owner of the Galerie held an opening speech
and proudly presented the brand new tableware 'lose a shoe'

It's a nice and cheerful exhibition with much variety.
I was happy to see my new mad tea party series between all this work.

The name of the exhibition is 'aan tafel' ('to table'),
so the artists and even some visitors brought
something delicious to eat for the guests.
Above one example of a pie, there were lots of them,
nicely presented on the new tableware :-)

exhibition Schiedam

As I told, unfortunately I couldn't go to the one in Pand Paulus in Schiedam.
But I'm lucky to have a partner who is interested in art,
so he went to the other opening and made some photos. :-)

It's a big graphic art exhibition with a first, second and even a third floor.
My work is exhibited on the second floor, nine faces and two bigger giclée prints

On the photo above you can see different rooms and if you look closely
you can see my work on the back :-)

This is another work of mine, which hangs on the opposite site: title - lost
This exhibition can be seen untill November the 3rd,
So I will have a chance to see it myself :-)


roberto M. said...

Congratulations, Nelleke!!
but ... Where are you???? I wanted to see you! :(((((
OK... next time.

It's nice to see your work hanging on the wall as well, one can get an idea of ​​the real size they have (in the blog you do not know if they are small or large)
ohhhhhhhhhh that cake! How I missed it!!!!!???
I liked the idea that each bring something to the opening!
good week for you! Genius!!!!

Unknown said...

Goed verslag van deze heuglijke dag voor je, 2 openingen op 1 dag!
(en wat een regen)

Trudie said...

Leuk verslag, ik was erbij ! :)
Mooie foto's, goed getroffen momentum.

Unknown said...

Looks like such a fun opening party. Congratulations - your work is beautiful hanging in this lovely space!