Oct 19, 2013

Holland - Rusland year

2013 is Holland - Rusland year.
A year to celebrate our friendship.

Russian puppet player with a dutch marionet

That's why there are several Russian exhibitions over the year.
At the moment there's a huge Malevich exhibition in the Stedelijk Museum
in Amsterdam. (It's on my wishlist)

But lately there are some troubbles...
First about the gayrights in Russia,then problems with the Greenpeace ship.
And after that some more incidents... It's on the every day news now.
For some people the party is over.

I've made some Holland - Rusland illustrations.
Above you see one of them:

Russian puppetplayer plays with Dutch marionet

Find the other illustrations here about this theme.


roberto M. said...

a pity, I read that in the group of those arrested in Russia there is a Dutch, there are also an Argentine, hopefully that is resolved, it's crazy.

Unknown said...

wij slap op de benen en de machtige rus die boven ons uit steekt, prachtig!