Oct 11, 2013

...I wish I was two Nellekes...

Sometimes I wish I was two persons. Coming Sunday is one of those days.

I'm very happy to see my work exhibit in two exhibitions, but...
the openings are both Sunday afternoon, and I want to be on both places
at the same time, so... I wish I was two Nellekes...

Nelleke Verhoeff in doubt

Both exhibitions have their own charm:

The first one 'gerakel en gedruk / prent of print' in Pand Paulus in Schiedam
is a big graphic art exhibition and shows the traditional graphic art techniques
as woodcut, etching, linocut and screenprint. But there's also room for
newer techniques as giclée print and photocopy

On Sunday November the 3th this exhibition will end with a discussion
afternoon about old and new possibilities in the changing world of the graphic art.

More information here (in dutch)
expositie in Pand  Paulus in Schiedam en galkerie Oker in Amsterdam

The second exhibition is in Galerie Oker

For this one I've made new work. I wrote about it in the previous blogpost.
More information here (in dutch)

Because I can't be two Nellekes, I decided to go to the one in Amsterdam
and November the 3th, I will be at he finissage in Schiedam.

It would be nice to meet you on one of these days!

Have a nice weekend :-)


JaneA said...

I wish I could see your exhibitions! And luck you to have two at the same time. Please share more photos and illustrations! X Jane http://janeheinrichs.blogspot.com

Elizabeth Rose Stanton said...

I, too, wish I could go see both! Congratulations on being in them! Have a great weekend!