Oct 9, 2013

new work!

Sunday the 13th of October will be the opening of the exhibition
'aan tafel' in Galerie Oker in Amsterdam

Especially for this exhibition I've made what I call the 'mad tea series'
The theme of the exhibition is around food, drink and tableware.

I played with this idea already for a long time
and this exhibition seemed to be a good reason to develop it further.

I had to find a special tea-character
First I drew a lot of teapots and cups. I gave them faces and bodies
And slowly the girl appeared with her head based on a tea-cup
Above you find a little selection of my sketches

I've made a giant list of all kind of teas: liber-tea, positivi-tea, simplici-tea
musicali-tea, synchronici-tea, creativi-tea and many many more
and chose five teas to play with and here's the result

Wouldn't it be a nice idea if those teas really existed?
If you are worried, you'll take a cup of simplici-tea
or when you feel stuck, you'll take a cup of creativi-tea.
Or if you are a little stiff, what to think of a cup of flexibili-tea?

The exhibition 'aan tafel' in Galerie Oker is from 13 October till 15 December
My work is only a little part of the exhibition, there's much more work from
many talented artists! Galerie Oker even launches the special tableware: 'lose a shoe'


Martina Visnjic art said...

Love your ideas!

celine schroeder said...

Gefeliciteerd! Super leuk en leuk die woordspelingen! Wat toevallig: heb je mijn tekening gezien voor de laatste Drawing challenge op mijn blog? "take a sip of creativitea", haha! Je tekeningen zijn weer super! En veel plezier bij de opening enzo!

roberto said...

Oh, this is great, Nelleke,
surely, when you mother nursed you, she was on her breasts large amounts of creativitea. I have no doubt

and I love seeing how your character appears gradually, after much work, that's the secret: talent + work, right?

Brain, I admire your creative activitea!!!! :)))))))))

johbont x said...

spannend de 2 exposities op zondag!
leuk te zien hoe je de 'tea' serie uitwerkte.

big mamabird said...

Some of these teas really do exist! At some health food stores here in the States, one can find special blends of herbal teas that address specific needs, such as feminine issues--femininitea!!!

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