Oct 30, 2013

inspiration: Kazimir Malevich

Yesterday I went with my brother to the big Malevich exhibition in
the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam. And big it is!!!

I'm impressed by this exhibition. It gives such a great overview on his work.
You can follow in steps what a talented and influential artist he has been and still is.

Starting by his early work, influenced by the impressionism, fauvism and symbolism.
Inspired by the Russian Folk Art, was part of the neo-primitivists, experimented with cubism and intorduced the a-logism, an associative, collage-painting style.

In 1913 he designed the decors and costumes of the opera: Victory over the sun.
A very futuristic opera. This was the point he came for the first time to total abstraction.

In 1915 he intorduced the suprematism on the exhibition 0,10 in Moskou.
Pure art, without objects, only geometric shapes on a white background.

In this exhibition the paintings have the same lay-out as in the famous 0,10 exhibition.

In 1928 the Stalinistic regime disapproved the abstract art officially.
Malevich turned back to recognizable forms in his work.
But also in this late work he preserved the suprematistic abstraction.

This is only a little glimp of what you can see on the Malevich exhibition.
It's untill 2nd of February 2014.

If you have a chance to visit it, it's really worthwile.

Ofcourse there's also some merchandise around this exhibition.
I'm always a bit surprised where they come up with.
Well, besides posters and cards they also sell special Malevich puppets!
I'm wondering what Malevich would have thought of that.


maartje | letterkabinet said...

Oh haha die popjes :) Ik wil er ook snel naar toe!

Carole Reid said...

Hi Nelleke. Yes I often wonder what the exhibiting artist would think! Did you know that in most galleries with giftshops people spend more time shopping than actually looking at the art!!!

Unknown said...

goeie beschrijving!
prachtig was het