May 6, 2011

inspiration: Jamie Shelman

Yes, I do like you!!!
This is an illustration from Jamie Shelman She is one of the teachers of the
pikaland artist bootcamp
She draws a lot of these cats. I like the looseness, the simplicity and the humor of them. Jamie has also a nice blog where she
post about her work and also interesting things about art.


Anja Brunt said...

Wat een schattige en grappige tekening, inderdaad sommige mensen kunnen met een paar eenvoudige lijntjes veel zeggen. Ik ga snel haar blog bekijken.

B @ Sweet Limes said...

What's not to like about that cat? That smile makes me think it's up to no good though. Are you a part of the boot camp that Shelman is teaching at?

nelleke said...

Yes, B @ sweet Limes, I am :-)
I did some postings about the assignments we did. You can see them on this blog. It's a really inspiring online course, with people from all over the world!