Apr 23, 2015

Poster design Global Art Gatherng

Because I have worked hard on the book 'stil verwateren' in the beginning of this year,
I haven't been able to submit work to the Bootcamp class with Lilla Rogers.
We are now in month 3 and this is my first submission.(I've missed two...)

The assignment for April: design a poster for the real life 'Make Art That Sells' event in June in Brighton, England. The color palette and the text were given.
The rest was up to you. A fun assignment for a real event.
This is my design:

I've never been to Brighton, so I googled what kind of place it is. It's on the seaside with a boulevard. The Brighton Dome, where the event takes place is huge, it looks a bit like a building in a fairytale.

The image which catched my eye immediately was this one:

An enormous ferris wheel which I thought would be a nice idea to use as a methaphor for a gathering. Combined with my love for faces in all various colors to express the global part of the event. I chose yellow for the wheel, so it can also be the sun.
(Let's hope it will shine when this event takes place...;-))

Here are the faces I designed for the poster:

When I was searching on the internet to find pictures of Brighton, I stumbled upon a photo of the Brighton Swimmingclub in 1853! It was not useful for my design, but I love it to find pictures like this, when I'm looking for something else. It made me smile :-)

This assignment is also a competition. All Bootcampers make a poster for this event. There will be one winner. I make myself no illusions because I'm sure there will be lots of great designs to choose from. I worked with joy on this design!


Jan said...

goeie poster !!!
het verhaal erbij is leuk illustrerend en geweldige foto uit de 19de eeuw

linda said...

very cool illustrations - great poster!