Apr 14, 2015

Animal characters 002 - 004

My new illustration project is four days old now...

On Instagram I post a new animal character each day for 100 days. I love to draw animals and this is a good stimulans to broaden my portfolio for the children book market. I would love to make a picture book once. And you have to start somewhere, isn't it ;-)

Character 004: Boris Boxer

I'm not the only one who is doing the 100 days challenge. When I posted the first character: 'Christopher Cat' on my blog, I got a reaction of one of my favorite illustrators Manon Gauthier. She wants to join me and will post her characters on her blog. They are SO adorable. She will start today. I'm honored she wants to join and looking forward to see her new animal characters!

Character 003: Polly Pig

Character 002: Mike Monkey

Besides broaden my portfolio another  reason I joined this challenge, was because another favorite illustrator of me Claudi Kessels was joining the 100 days project. She makes her own 100 days of naturals. You can check it out on Instagram: clauditekent Very delicate and original!

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Jennifer said...

These are amazing! As a budding illustrator, I would love to know what materials/medium you used to make these. Thank you!