Dec 30, 2014

Haiku book project

Great news! I'm working on a book together with Flemish author / poet Geert De Kockere.

It will be a luxurous book, more than 600 pages. A combination of 1001 haiku's and my drawings. Old and new ones. This could be a possible cover:

We did work together before on the 'real face book project'. Remember?

This cooperation is a fun and interesting creative process. Sometimes Geert makes haiku's inspired by my drawings. and sometimes I  make drawings inspired by his haiku's. So I draw a lot lately, which I love doing.

The text will be all in Dutch and unfortunately difficult to translate.
Will be continued :-)


fados do lar said...

Very interesting project. Congrats!

Jan said...

geweldig dat het boek er echt gaat komen !!!!!!!!!!

Melissa Mackie said...

Congratulations Nelleke! Your illustrations will look awesome...