Nov 16, 2014

Colorful Rotterdam - week 4 - Make Art That Sells

The fourth week of part B of the inspiring Make Art That Sells course was about the editorial market. Illustrations for magazines, books and newspapers. Our assignment was to make a map of your own city or from a city that you love. I live in Rotterdam and I love my city, so I made this map of colorful Rotterdam:

 If you like, you can see it in a bigger size for more details here

First we did some handlettering of the name of your chosen town. I started in black and white. Then I started to play with color and made these letters. This was the big inspiration for my map:

Rotterdam has beautiful architecture, but what I love the most of my city is that it's multicultural. So many colors and a variety of cultures. I wanted to show the richness of all these colors in my map. I took that as a theme. I love to draw people,  that's why there are so many on my map:

I place some of them here seperately so you can have a closer look:

We also have a nice zoo, named 'Blijdorp' with a beautiful garden. Some years ago I went there very often and  took many many photographs of all the animals. I have a nice archive.

Because of the color theme I also included a scene of the Summer Carnaval. It's a special event in Summer: a tropical streetparade with lots of colors and happy people:

I also tried to draw different nationalities, which is new to me. Also a  nice challenge:

If you look well, you can also see a selfportrait in the map: Me on my bike.
I always do everything by bike:

 Another lady walking with her two dogs:

I really loved this assignment. It was a lot of work, but such a great challenge to draw some well known Rotterdam buildings and all those different people. The editorial market  seems an attractive market to me!
Now we only have one week left. The party paper week. It's a pity it goes that quickly. I love this course. So inspiring and challenging!! Will be continued....!


Nancy McKenzie said...

This is a really successful piece and I think your work really suits the editorial market :)

Lorraine said...

Heel leuk!

bethania said...

Authentic, professional, marketable and gorgeous. Thanks to show that this sort of balance is possible, Nelleke!

Unknown said...

Ontzettend mooie illustratie van jouw Rotterdam! En super dat je via de cursus zoveel inspiratie krijgt.

Veel groeten,
Daphne (van Kadolab, ik had je ontmoet bij de opening van de Winter Winkel)

Sheila said...

Awesome work! you should consider posting it on TDAT. Their format is a little different, but they would love this.

Hannes said...

je liefde voor de stad en dan vooral haar inwoners zijn prachtig geïllustreerd !!

Patrice A. said...

super tof!
en je zelfportret maakt me blij
ook ik doe alles op de fiets
alleen met wapperend grijs haar ;^))