Nov 9, 2014

As times go by - week 3 - Make Art That Sells

This was already the third week of part B of the inspiring Make Art That Sells course. We learned about the scrapbooking market. This is again a totally new market for me. I'm not sure if I made something appropriate for scrapbooking, but the challenge was also to create something you like yourself.

And I am not a scrapbook maker / user. Scrapbook people are making memory / photo albums using all kind of  'icons',  to brighten up their pages. The assignment  was to create a vintage correspondence themed scrapbook collection, which incorporates clocks.

As usual on Monday we first got  a theme to draw, which were vintage clocks this week. So I googled and drew some of the gathered material.

On Wednesday we received the assignment. To create a scrapbook collection, not only using vintage clocks, but it also had to be a correspondence themed collection... This was a bit confusing at first. What have clocks to do with correspondence?

I first wrote down some associations with time. Such as: quality time, creating time, timeless,  no time, anytime, as times go by, summertime, time flies, tea-time, coffee-time, bed-time, spare time, slow down, time for change, take your time, present time...

I didn't think a lot about it, but began to draw. I started with this meditation girl: 

Meditation has everything to do with time and timelessness. My first association with quality time.

I also began to draw some icons with the correspondence theme. As I was busy drawing and putting the icons in one file, the two themes surprisingly came together very well.

I show you some of my drawings / icons a bit bigger, so you can see them better.
I loved these envelope parade I made:

And ofcourse I also drew some  pigeon carriers. Nice to see how he is also associated with time. No quick e-mails, but a pigeon who has to fly all the way to bring the post, which takes time...

I may be new to this Market, but I loved the assignment! It was quite a challenge to fit all the icons into a nice composition. I'm happy with the result. I posted on Flickr a bigger version of the assignment.What you think of it?

Next week we gonna look to the editorial market. Also interesting. Will be continued!


Marylinn Kelly said...

I continue to be charmed by your work and admire your focus on becoming a highly successful commercial artist. Thank you for sharing your thought process as you tackled this assignment. Wishing you much (more) success. xo

johbont x said...

ik kan me voorstellen dat je plezier beleefde aan het maken van dit vel met plaatjes en teksten.
leuk dat jij bij het associeren mediteren opkwam toen je aan quality-tijd dacht: ik beaam wel dat het zitten plezierig kan zijn.

goed gedaan weer deze opdracht!