Nov 24, 2014

Autumn Party - week 5 - Make Art That Sells

This was the very last week of the inspiring Make Art That Sells course. Finito! Completed!

This last week was about the party paper market. We had to create a round party plate and a square party napkin with a flower theme. (You can  see a bigger version here)

First we were asked to gather some flora  from your environment. I was very busy with other things this week, so I only googled and drew some flora. It's autumn here, that means a lot of warm and beautiful colors. Some of my doodles:

When we got the assignment I had to find a nice concept for a plate. Because of it's round shape I thought of wavy hair. I made this girl face in combination with autumn leaves:

During the first part of the week I also made this autumn leaves pattern. I could use it later for this cup. I never designed one before, but it was really fun to do.

Because I love birds, I also wanted to add a bird to my design.  I repeated the round border of the plate in the napkin, so they fit together nicely.

And now this incredible inspiring course is over. It has been a great learning!
But I also know I can learn so much more.

Next year there will be a Bootcamp again. My plan is to join and continuing on this fun path. Lilla Rogers is a great teacher with a lot of knowledge and enthusiasm. So I say again, even if the course is over: will be continued... :-)

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Hannes said...

prachtig feestelijk weggooigerei, mooi vormgegeven: ik zier het in de schappen van winkels liggen ...