Sep 17, 2014

hello, this is me!

Some people were asking lately if I had a photo of me. I always avoid to post it.
I prefer to show my work and I'm not such a 'selfie' person. But I also read a lot
about people wanna see the face behind the company...

This morning I went with my brother to the Kralingse Bos in Rotterdam
and he shot some pictures of me in the early morning light.

So, here I am Nelleke Verhoeff, owner of Red Cheeks Factory
Hello :-)


Unknown said...

prachtig is'tie: lichtelijk verlegen toon je jezelf, goed hoor!

roberto M. said...

Now I know why i love your brain! You have a bird singing on it!

Anonymous said...

Well, hello to you too beautiful. :)

Patrice A. said...

toffe foto!

(ben aan het 'bijlezen op je blog ;^))