Jul 14, 2014

Make Monotypes 3

The monotype class has come to an end.The first weeks I experimented a lot. The last week I was too busy making patterns and opning an account on Spoonflower, so I didn't had time anymore. (You can still vote for my rhinoceros pattern here)

Above and below are two prints with the same stencils. I experimented coloring the stencils with a brush and a brayer. One shape print and a detail (ghost) print. I like the effcect of both. They have their own quality. I was surprised by the detail print.

And here an experiment with fruit. I made lots of them, this one I liked the most:

Another detail (ghost) print of a cat and several circles. I like these textures.
You can't get it like this only on the computer.

During the course I made a lot of monoprint Photoshop brushes and patterns. I scanned backgrounds and changed them into pencils. i'm happy with that, so I can use them to make my work more lifely.

It was fun to experiment and to play. This morning I cleaned up my workspace, because after six weeks of printing it was quite a mess :-)


Anonymous said...

Love all of them.

roberto M. said...

I like all!!!!!!!!!!! and I already vote for rhinos!!!! :)

Melissa Mackie said...

I love your stencil work Nelleke. Beautiful!

Unknown said...

geeft een mooi effect dat monoprinten.

(ben benieuwd waar op de wereld de eerste kinderkamer met jou behang bekleed zal worden)

MxGili said...

Lovely ppost