Jun 22, 2014

Make Monotypes 2

I'm a bit behind with blogging about the Make Monotypes class, which I wrote before. Below one of the prints I made last week: 'wooden shoes', a combination of Monotype and Photoshop.

I'm experimenting a lot and most of the results are not for the viewers eye. 
A whole pile of experiments and lots of learning.

In week 2 we had to look for found object, things from nature, threads, feathers, etc. I like these objects much when they are inkted. I think I like them more than the prints I make ;-)

Second assignment was to make our own stencils and play with them. I liked the thread with it's curls and was inspired to make the print below: the parade. I make other things from what I normal make and I love the textures of this technique.

At the end of the week we made some two color prints with your own stencils. I have the feeling I can work on these more, they are only a beginning of something. I'm not that happy with the colors, mixing them is yet another thing...

The next week was about making your own stamps, first with found stamps. Now I almost can't throw anything away anymore. You can use so many things to make textures. My home is a mess and I need to find space where I can put all these props.

Again I made many prints. I played with abstract figures, a mixture of yoga and acrobatics. I liked the experiment wit negative and positive space. The most easy was to use one color.

There's a learning point to balance my shapes, while using more colors, in a way they will work well  together and interact, without distracting each other.

These prints are sa bit simple. I have the feeling I could do more with it, but at the moment this is where I am. I love the lines you'll get after lifting your stencil of cardboard and make a print of what's left on your plate: the detail print.

And ofcourse I couldn't resist to make a face. The collar of the lady I made with an orange juice press. .(don't know if this is the right english word, but it gives a nice effect)

And for those who are interested:  here is an example of the wooden shoes print you see at top of this post. Before and after I edit it in Photoshop. Before it's nothing, but after playing and experimenting on the computer, I make a whole new image. But I hadn't been able to make this without the basic print. I feel a bit like a magician this way. I surprise myself ;-)

We are halfway the course now. I'm curious what I will make the coming weeks.
Will be continued...


Unknown said...

i appreciate the experimental nature of monoprinting and relate to the stack of prints 'not-for-veiwers' that usually results for every one that winds up pleasing my eye. Your post inspires!

roberto M. said...

Nelleke I told you years ago!!! i love your brain!!!!! :)
all this i saw here left me speechless!
Excellentt!!!!!!!!!! :)

kath said...

Nelleke, your monoprint work is so quirky, delightful, unique. It makes me happy and lighthearted just to look at it.

Unknown said...

en het levert weer mooi week op!
ben benieuwd wat je met de geleerde technieken in je verder werk gaat doen ...